Hausarzt Dr. med. Michael Wagener in einem Patientengespräch

As a specialist for general internal medicine (FMH) and pharmaceutical medicine (FMH) with long-standing experience, I provide the entire range of services from diagnosis to therapy. You will benefit from my expertise in treatment, prevention, and holistic anti-ageing, as well as my specialisation in complementary medical procedures such as orthomolecular medicine, neural therapy, and mesotherapy.

We speak German, English, French, and Italian.


«I advise my patients one-on-one and in-depth according to their needs and goals, and compile an optimised treatment plan.»

Dr. med. Michael Wagener

Empfangsbereich der Praxis Dr. Wagener
Infusionszentrum der Praxis Dr. Wagener
Stuhl und Teestation im Infusionszimmer der Praxis Dr. Wagener
Wartezimmer der Praxis Dr. Wagener
Labor und Diagnostik-Zimmer der Praxis Dr. Wagener
Ästhetikzimmer der Praxis Dr. Wagener

We look forward to seeing you!

Our new clinic premises in the Haus Dorenbach building in Binningen, Switzerland awaits you with bright, inviting treatment rooms, first-rate equipment, and the latest medical instruments.