Aesthetics and personal well-being

You deserve to feel great every day. With our aesthetic treatments, we aid you in maintaining your youthfulness and significantly slowing down ageing processes in your body. Whether you want fuller hair, a fresher complexion or firmer skin: Working together, we will find individual solutions that will give you a confident appearance.

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Ästhetische Behandlungen in der Praxis Dr. Wagener

Mesotherapy is effective against hair loss and skin ageing. In aesthetic mesotherapy, various agents (vitamins, vital substances and hyaluronic acid) are introduced into the scalp or skin (face, neck, neckline, hands).

Early and regular treatments can effectively treat hair loss in men and women and significantly delay the natural ageing processes of the skin.

In a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) procedure, plasma rich in thrombocytes is extracted from the body’s own blood.

PRP (a “vampire lift”) is used to treat hair loss and to support mesotherapy against skin ageing.

A proven and safe way to reduce wrinkles in the face and neckline area is treatment with botulinum toxin. Botulinum is particularly effective for wrinkles caused by strong muscle activity.

The medical benefit of this active substance in neurological diseases has been known for a long time.

In addition, botulinum toxin can reduce excessive sweating, for example in the armpit area.

In wrinkle smoothing with fillers, hyaluronic acid is injected directly along the path of the wrinkles. More concentrated preparations are used to model the entire face, replenishing volume in the cheek and chin area that has been lost over the years. Lips can also be emphasised and modelled as desired.

In thread lifts, biodegradable threads are inserted into the skin. Depending on the position, the skin is pulled in the desired direction (lift), followed by an increase in connective tissue (fibrosis), which results in an additional increase in volume. Thread lifts can ideally be combined with hyaluronic acid fillers.

The reduction of fat pads by means of “injection lipolysis” is an effective method for the targeted removal of fat from individual parts of the body.

The injections are carried out directly into the affected areas using very fine needles, which stimulates the melting of the fat cells and an increased natural and permanent fat reduction. The result is a smooth and firm skin surface.

On the one hand, our medical cosmetics complement the treatment of cellulite (“BODYREG”) as well as the preparation and follow-up of mesotherapy or a “vampire lift” (“OXYGENEO”).

The following medical cosmetics procedures are offered: