Botulinum, filler, stitches and fat way injection - what helps with WHAT?

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Armpit sweating

INDIKATION: Heavy sweating in the armpits.

GOLD STANDARD: Botulinum reduces sweating for 5-6 months.

NO-GO: Only go to experienced therapists. Surgery only if botulinum does not bring improvement.

COSTS: ab CHF 500 after cost of materials.

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Upper arms

INDIKATION: Typical sagging of the upper arms with wrinkled skin with advancing age. Muscle training is important, but alone is not enough.

GOLD STANDARD: Especially in cases of mild or moderate sagging, the combination of the fat way injection and a special tightening hyaloronic acid/threads is promising.

NO-GO: Plastic surgery should always be the last therapy option with all the risks of surgery and really only be used in cases of very pronounced sagging. Laser and other apparative procedures are unsatisfactory.

COSTS:Fat way injection from 450 CHF, filler from 400 CHF, stitches from 500 CHF Durability: depending on predisposition and aging repeated treatment necessary.

Double chin/neck/decolletage

INDICATION: Formation of a double chin due to local excess fat or tissue slackening with age. Age-related sagging and wrinkling of the neck and décolleté.

GOLDSTANDARD: In the presence of a double chin (multiple) treatment with the fat way injection. Sagging, wrinkled neck and décolleté can be significantly improved with special hyaloronic acid, PRP (autologous plasma therapy) and collagen-stimulating threads, also in the sense of prevention. In the case of very pronounced findings, a surgical neck lift is inevitable for a satisfactory result. Muscle strands in the neck area can be reduced with botulinum.

NO-GO: Injecting an incorrectly selected hyaloronic acid into transverse folds on the neck can cause unsightly nodules. Only allow lifting threads to be inserted by practitioners who are very experienced in this method.

COSTS: Botulinum from 250 CHF , fillers from 400 CHF. Stitches from CHF 400, PRP from CHF 500, fat removal injections from CHF 250, durability: 9-12 months, regular repetitions advisable.

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Nasolabial fold

INDICATION: Nasolabial folds are caused by a combination of decreasing elasticity of the tissue and a lack of volume in the midface or cheek area. Individual predisposition also plays a role.

GOLDSTANDARD: Injection of fillers with good lifting capacity under exact consideration of the anatomy. Additional support with small sutures possible. In the case of a pronounced nasolabial bulge, also careful use of injection lipolysis (fat way injection).

NO-GO: Good anatomical knowledge and experience necessary, as arteries run in the nasal area, which must be spared at all costs.

COSTS: Filler from CHF 450, stitches from CHF 500. Fat removal injections from 150 CHF Durability: filler 9-12 months, sutures 12-18 months.

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