Neural therapy according to Huneke

Neural therapy is an effective method for treating acute and chronic pain, as well as various diseases.

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Dr. med. M. Wagener begutachtet Ellbogen eines Patienten

Beneficially supplementing conventional medicine

Via the injection of small quantities of procaine (local anaesthetic), malfunctions in the body are rectified, thereby supporting the self-healing of associated health-related disorders.

What we offer:

  • Neural therapy according to Huneke

We have had positive experiences with complementary medical neural therapy in the following areas:

  • Headaches, migraines, facial neuralgia, dizziness, and tinnitus
  • Sports injuries and overuse injuries, tennis elbow, inflammation of muscle tendons, sprained ankles, contusions and strains
  • Stress, mental exhaustion (burnout), sleep disorders and depressive states
  • Circulatory and wound healing issues
  • Rheumatic diseases, arthrosis, chronic joint and spinal disorders

The biochemistry and hormones of the body control the metabolic processes in the human body. They are regulated by the autonomous nervous system. Hence, for effective and long-term medical treatment, it is necessary to not only have knowledge of biochemical processes and hormonal balances and treat them where necessary, but also to remain one step ahead – by working with the autonomous nervous system.

In neural therapy, the fields of interference in the body are examined and treated holistically. The result is a balanced nervous system which helps the patient to heal and remain healthy. In combination with a personalised nutritional, metabolic, and detoxification programme, neural therapy is an effective therapeutic method for a wide range of complaints.

Neural therapy requires a thorough examination of the medical history and of each traumatic event as the trigger for diseases and physical disorders. Once these have been identified, the treatment proper can begin, during which the body in its entirety and the interactions between the organs and nerves are examined and treated.

An organ (heart, gallbladder, eye, joint etc.) never malfunctions in isolation, but always in a mutual relationship with the body as a whole. In neural therapy, chronic pain, dysfunction, and interference zones are eliminated. This allows body and soul to re-regulate themselves and heal.

The medical specialists of SANTH (Swiss Association of Doctors for Neural Therapy) provide numerous patients with neural therapy each day. Furthermore, neural therapy is also effective when conventional medicine is unable to unambiguously identify and treat the cause of the symptoms.