Energy boost for training and competition

Legal performance enhancement: Get the energy boost that makes you fit faster in sports and enables more frequent training.

Energieschub: Frau bindet sich de

An energy boost at the right time enables a higher training intensity with which a sustainable increase in performance can be achieved. If now immediately the alarm bells ring and you inevitably think of doping, we can reassure you: you can prepare for periods of high stress in a completely legal way and support your body in a healthy way to build up..

Almost every person who plays sports wants to improve their own performance. To do so, people study the theory behind their chosen discipline, pay attention to nutrition, and balance and add versatility with forays into complementary sports. The key, however, is without question regular training that is geared to individual needs and abilities. Because this allows a sustained increase in performance, which can make the difference in competition..

Not surprisingly, there are natural limits to this: If you go into the next training session without sufficient recovery, you do not simply reduce the positive effects. So-called “overtraining” can undo progress made, increases the risk of injury, and can impair health in the long term. That’s why regeneration phases between individual sessions are of crucial importance. It is obvious that ambitious athletes want to make them as compact and effective as possible to train as often as possible..


Legal performance enhancement – does it exist?

The large shadow industry in the sports world is also aware of this fact: Modern doping is based to a good extent on the attempt to accelerate the body’s recovery so that training can take place more frequently and at a higher intensity. To achieve this, agents from dubious sources and with unpredictable effects on the body are used. Substances that are thus rightly banned and have no place in sports. But are there also ways to shorten the regeneration phase in a permissible way that does not bring any undesirable side effects? Which supports the body in a completely natural way – harmless, legal doping, so to speak? Especially in endurance sports such as cycling or long-distance running, this plays an immensely important role. Before we answer the question, first want to look at what happens during and after a training session with the body.


This is how your body reacts to training stimuli

Exercise makes perfect, they say. In training, you repeat sequences of movements over and over again – until they are anchored in muscle memory. This means they can be recalled at any time without actively thinking about them. At the same time, the training is designed to strengthen endurance. To do this, the body is brought again and again to the load limit, to move this step by step upwards.

To perform, muscles need energy. As long as it is possible, this energy comes from aerobic metabolism: carbohydrates are burned with the help of oxygen. As exertion increases, breathing speeds up to ensure there is enough oxygen for this process. At some point inevitably comes the point where the oxygen is no longer sufficient – then the anaerobic metabolismsets in. Now carbohydrates are broken down without oxygen, which leads, among other things, to the formation of lactate. This substance ensures that the muscles become tired. If the body can not break it down quickly enough, it comes to an overacidification..

(Small digression: In this anaerobic range, the fat burning also no longer works as well as in the aerobic phase. So who drives sports to lose a few pounds, does himself with an overload no favor.).

After a training session, the body often struggles with both, the normal fatigue and acidification due to excessive lactate. Going to this point may be desirable depending on the training plan. A too early renewed load, however, would be counterproductive: the performance decreases, the risk of injury increases and in the end also suffers the technique, which should actually be improved – whether it is about “simple” running or complex processes such as high jump..


Energy boost between training sessions

To speed up lactate reduction and get fit again faster, the diet with preferably alkaline foods can help. Many athletes additionally like to resort to dietary supplements that counteract fatigue. Probably the best-known example is magnesium tablets, which are not missing from any athletically active household. But minerals can be absorbed much more directly, i.e. more efficiently: An infusion allows for a particularly intensive supply and is also much better tolerated.

Which also answers the question about the legal and harmless way to faster regeneration: Yes, it exists, and we are happy to accompany you. At Dr. Wagener’s practice, we offer a special infusion program that is tailored precisely to your needs, both in terms of its duration and its composition. In addition, we also advise you on your nutrition to create a total package that maximizes your training success. So you will be fit for the next marathon – or whatever goal you may have set.