Burnout Infusion

Burnout and chronic exhaustion are far more serious than just the feeling of being exhausted. But the line is a fine one, especially if you are increasingly subjected to stress in your professional and/or private life. Our infusions ensure regeneration and revitalisation of the body for disorders such as burnout and CFS.

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Patientin erhält eine Infusion in der Praxis Dr. Wagener

Infusion for revitalisation

The infusions supply the cells and organs with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. This makes the patient feel more able to perform and more resistant to stress. In addition, restful sleep, good nutrition and physical exercise remain important.

Beneficial for the following:

  • “Burnout” exhaustion syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome, or CFS for short
We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information on request.
  • Duration: 60 min
  • Programme: 10-20x