Detox Infusion

Our lifestyle and our environment have changed dramatically. We come into contact with numerous foreign substances and toxins (preservatives, colorants, pesticides, air pollution, hormones, medicines) every day through our breathing, skin or food. Our infusion regenerates the liver and kidneys. In this way, we can support and relieve our body in the necessary elimination of harmful substances.

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What is this infusion for?

  • A detox infusion treatment supports the liver in digesting and eliminating harmful substances and toxins.
  • Recommended for alcohol withdrawal and general detoxification

Treatment details

Treatment duration:
60 minutes
Treatment therapy:
recommended 10-20 times
from CHF 170.- per infusion
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Instructions for treatment

Before the treatment:
Make sure you have had enough to drink. Have a light meal before you come in for treatment.

After the treatment:
Rest and drink plenty of fluids.

Treatment therapy

The optimal treatment intensity is determined individually:

  • Infusions 1-3 times a week over a period of 3-4 weeks
  • At the beginning approx. 10-20 infusions. After, we might recommend interval treatments
  • Time required approx. 45-60 minutes

Areas of application


  • Liver detox (fatty liver, medication)
  • Alcohol detox
  • Environmental toxins (pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, preservatives)
  • After chemotherapy
  • When taking medication harmful to the liver
  • For general detox

Vitamin C, selenium, glutathione, lipoic acid, milk thistle, phsophatidylcholine.