Vita Balance Infusion

The "Vita Balance" Infusion (phosphatidylcholine) is administered according to a tried-and-tested and proven schema – combined with micro-nutrients and vitamins where necessary. The composition of the "Vita Balance" infusion makes it possible to restore the structure of the cell membranes, to maintain their healthy structure, and to repair oxidative damage

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The Vita Balance infusion can be administered e.g. for:

  • Anti-ageing, cleansing, detoxification, exhaustion, tiredness, insomnia, stress, need to regenerate, irritability, anxiety, and a tendency towards despondency and depression
  • Atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, tinnitus, erectile dysfunction, general vascular calcification, post-stroke treatment, hypertension, impaired memory
  • Metabolic liver disorders, metabolic syndrome, lipometabolic disorders, chronic liver diseases

The number of infusions depends on the type and severity of the disorder/illness and the therapy can be repeated several times a year.