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Longevity by Dr. Wagener:
The Swiss Competence Center
for Longevity

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Longevitiy or living a healthy life for as long as possible is a centuries-old dream of mankind. How can you maintain the quality of life into old age and enjoy your life to the fullest? An active and healthy lifestyle already in middle age increases the chances of a long and fulfilling life. We support you with a holistic and individual concept to get a little closer to this dream.

  • Specialized in the field of “Longevity”
  • Treatments based on the latest scientific findings
  • Long-term experience in. integrative medicine
  • Modern practice premises
  • Own infusion center

We have been running our practice in Binningen since 2010. We look forward to meeting you too.

Personalized and detailed advice according to
Your needs

  • Infusion therapies
  • Nutritional counseling and planning
  • Preventive medicine

Furthermore, there is close cooperation with specialists in various fields such as cardiology, orthopedics or gastroenterology.

My promise to you

In my many years of working for my patients, I have come to the conclusion that the one, only “right” form of therapy does not exist. Rather, there is for the health and well-being of each person a suitable, individually composed treatment. I see it as my most important task to develop this for you.

Portrait von Dr. med. Michael Wagener
Praxisraum von Dr. Wagener mit beiger Liege und einem weissen Sessel

All around good and personal care

Turn to us for comprehensive primary care: Dr. Wagener’s practice offers you the entire spectrum of general internal medicine and preventive medicine. We also have extensive experience with complementary medicine therapies and can advise you on your diet or on assessing personal health risks. You can also obtain all the medicines you need from our practice pharmacy. What is not in stock, we will be happy to order for you.