Infusion for inflammatory bowel diseases

Chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis considerably impair the everyday life of the affected, often young people. They are usually treated with medical, dietary and surgical measures. At Praxis Dr. Wagener, we offer infusions to correct deficiencies in vital substances.

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Patientin erhält eine Infusion in der Praxis Dr. Wagener

Correcting vital substance deficiencies

Diarrhoea, intestinal cramps, loss of appetite and weight loss often lead to a general loss of energy and performance. Our infusions aim to reduce inflammatory changes in the intestine by optimising the supply of nutrients.

Beneficial for the following:

  • Colitis ulcerosa
  • Crohn’s disease
We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information on request.
  • Duration: 60 min
  • Programme: 6-20x