Iron infusion

Are your energy and love for life waning, do you often feel tired and listless? This may indicate a deficiency of the trace element iron. And you are by no means alone in this, as many people suffer from it. Iron deficiency without anemia is also referred to as «Iron Deficiency Syndrome (IDS)».

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What is this infusion for?

  • Compensates for iron deficiency
  • Helps with fatigue caused by low iron levels
  • Brings new energy into everyday life
  • Supports heart function in cases of cardiac insufficiency
  • Supports faster regeneration after planned surgeries

Treatment details

Treatment duration:
Approx. 15 minutes + 15-30 minutes after the infusion
Number of infusions:
Basic insurance (if criteria are met), otherwise approx. CHF 270 per infusion
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More energy through targeted iron supply

Iron plays an essential role in the oxygen supply to our cells and therefore also in our energy production and well-being. A deficiency of this trace element can therefore have a significant impact on our quality of life. Especially during early stages of deficiency, known as Iron Deficiency Syndrome (IDS), it is crucial to actin time.

As an experienced center for iron deficiency in northwestern Switzerland, we can help improve your quality of life. If iron tablets are not tolerated or are not effective enough, we can ensure that your iron levels remain at an optimal level for a long time with an injection or vein infusion.

Notes on the treatment

Before the treatment:
You should not have an acute cold or flu-like infection. Make sure that you have had enough to drink. Have a light meal before you come in for treatment.

After the treatment:
Drink plenty of fluids. You can go straight back to work and sports and can go into the sun and to the sauna.

Treatment duration

For optimum benefit, we recommend the following therapy:

  • Infusions once a week
  • Maximum of 2-3 infusions (depending on iron level)
  • Duration approx. 15 minutes + 15-30 minutes supervision

The therapy is individually tailored to your laboratory values and your tolerance.

Areas of application

  • Fatigue, headaches, migraines, hair loss, concentration difficulty due to iron deficiency
  • Heart failure with iron deficiency
  • Iron deficiency before planned surgeries and birth

Side effects

As with any infusion treatment, mild side effects such as redness or swelling at the injection site may occur. Systemic side effects are rare, but may include: Allergic reactions, headaches, dizziness or nausea.


Iron carboxymaltose or iron derisomaltose

Treatment information

Do you suspect you have an iron deficiency? We not only offer treatment but also the proper diagnosis of iron deficiency.

Further information upon request.

  • Duration: approx. 15 min. + 15-30 min. follow-up check
  • Program: according to laboratory value and tolerance

Do you have remaining questions?

Find the most important answers in our FAQs, or contact us. We will be happy to help you.

An iron infusion is a medical therapy in which iron-containing preparations are administered directly into the bloodstream to increase iron levels in the body and effectively treat iron deficiency.

An iron infusion may typically be recommended if:

  • You suffer from iron deficiency or a resulting anemia and
  • Orally administered iron supplements are not sufficient or are not tolerated.
  • A rapid compensation of the iron deficiency is required, e.g. before operations or in the case of certain illnesses (heart failure).

Common symptoms of iron deficiency can include tiredness, weakness, pale skin tone, dizziness, hair loss and, in the case of advanced deficiency, increased shortness of breath and headaches, even migraines.

The duration of an iron infusion is usually 15 minutes followed by a 15-30 minute follow-up.

An initial improvement in symptoms usually occurs within days. It takes a few weeks to completely replenish iron stores.

The frequency of the infusions depends on your individual iron requirement and is determined by your physician on the basis of blood values and your clinical condition.

Yes, most people can continue their normal daily activities after an iron infusion. Immediately after the infusion, you will remain in the practice for approx. 15-30 minutes for follow-up supervision.