Bypass Infusion

Eliminating fatigue and a lack of drive and achieving an optimum energy level: After a stomach and/or intestinal bypass operation, a lack of vital substances may occur, because important nutrients are no longer absorbed in sufficient quantities. In these cases, our gastro-intestinal bypass infusion helps to compensate for the lack of vital substances.

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Frau bekommt eine ästhetische Infusion und wird von einer Arztgehilfin zugedeckt

Compensating for deficiencies

The weight loss after an obesity operation, for example, can be gratifying. However, it is not uncommon for the body to be unable to absorb important food supplements or vitamin tablets properly after such an operation. This is because a stomach that has been reduced in size by surgery, for example, has a reduced surface area for absorbing vitamins. The medium-term consequences can be deficiencies in minerals, trace elements, vitamins and protein – and thus an increased risk of infections, exhaustion or depression. Our infusions therefore serve to eliminate a lack of vital substances as a result of an absorption disorder.

Beneficial for the following:

  • Gastric reduction
  • Bowel resection

An infusion therapy is designed for the long term and serves as a complement to supplements from the surgical clinic. Our patients come to us at the earliest six months after the operation, i.e. after sufficient healing and when the intestinal flora is back in balance.

  • Duration: 60 min
  • Programme: individual